With the dynamic support of 138 associations and nearly 50,000 cooperative members we have the ambition at NewB to establish a bank that puts sobriety, fairness, transparency and sustainability into practice.

Order and use the prepaid card at better rates and conditions than usually offered on the market. Thus you bring us a step closer to the bank we want to achieve.

As a cooperative shareholder of NewB you can order the following cards. Your first card is always free, this applies to both the physical and the virtual card.

NewB GOODPAY Prepaid MasterCard®

The NewB GOODPAY Prepaid MasterCard®

You can only apply for this card with proof of identity and domicile. The issuer of the card must verify your identity and address details on behalf of the authorities. In addition to your name, address, date of birth, e-mail address and telephone number another document will be requested such as a bank statement or a print-out of an invoice of one of your utility companies (energy, water, telecommunication, etc.) that is not older than 3 months. If your address is specified on your identity card, you do not need to submit an invoice as proof of residence, but a scan will suffice.

With the NewB GoodPay Prepaid MasterCard you can apply for maximum three additional cards on your account. Each card has a maximum card balance of €10,000 and a total load amount of €50,000 a year.

If you make at least one payment per month with your NewB GoodPay Prepaid MasterCard, the administration charge is also free.

The Secondary Card

An additional card or a Secondary card can be ordered by the holder of a NewB GoodPay Prepaid MasterCard. He or she can apply for up to three additional cards on their account. Both personalised and non-personalised cards are available. The main card holder is and remains responsible for all additional cards.

The No name Card

In addition to the NewB GoodPay Prepaid MasterCard you can order a no name card. This card has the same characteristics as the NewB GoodPay Prepaid MasterCard, but does not mention the name of the card holder, so that the identity of the payer is not known to the seller. You can only get this version as an additional card after you sent your proof of identity and domicile for your first card.

The Minor Card

In addition to the NewB GoodPay Prepaid MasterCard you can also order (a) card(s) for your minor children between 13 and 18 years old. As the main card holder you remain responsible for the card. On these cards for minors payments in a number of sectors are made impossible, e.g. to buy weapons, for betting and gambling, to access porn sites, etc.

The Start Card

You can start with the Start card, which has restricted limits and expenses. This card is meant for people who do not use the card on a regular basis and you can apply for it without proof of identity and domicile. The only details you have to submit are your name, address, date of birth, e-mail address and telephone number. This card can be loaded up to a maximum card balance of €1,000, with a total load amount of €2,500 a year.

The Virtual Card

If you choose for a Virtual card you do not receive a physical card but a card number, an expiry date and a security code to pay online.