In the wake of the bank crisis, more than 149 associations and about 50,000 sympathisers support a co-operative project that aims at the incorporation of a genuinely sustainable and ethical, cooperative bank. A bank for which profit is not the main objective. At NewB, honesty, simplicity, transparency and sustainability are laid down in the articles of association, i.e. the DNA of the cooperative. The bank sector has to change. Rarely has crowdfunding in Belgium been as successful as with NewB’s launch!

Now that NewB has launched its first product line, the NewB Prepaid MasterCard® under the GoodPay label, these important NewB core values are converted into practice. This prepaid card is truly unique, it contains various ethical, sustainable, ecological and social characteristics. It sets the card apart from various other card providers.

Convince yourself and find out which specific characteristics make this card unique, sustainable and ethical! Within the GoodPay programme you will find various ‘goodies’, designed to make you feel good. By using the card the payer chooses for NewB’s further growth and a more conscious and responsible attitude vis-à-vis society.

These goodies can be broken down into four categories: the card is good for the Earth, Humanity, Society and the Economy.

Good for Humanity

Good Budget

The NewB Card is a prepaid card on which you need to load money before you can use it. This implies you can only make payments if your balance is high enough. You can never spend more money than what you have which means it is perfect for your day-to-day budget management.

Good Privacy

Many people are worried about how companies handle their personal details. That is why there is a special “no name” version of your NewB Card. With this card the business is unable to identify you in their data system through your payment. This no name card can only be ordered as an additional card after you submitted proof of identity and domicile for your first card. You can still use your first personalised card at businesses you do trust with your personal details.

Good Control

You can deactivate and reactivate your prepaid card yourself. Parents can monitor the balance and spending of their minor children. Nor can they make purchases in ‘particular’ (online) stores.

Good for the Earth

Good Card

A bio-degradable card, the body of the card is made of a renewable material called “Poly Lactic Acid” and comes from corn.
Good Ecosumption
The NewB Card not only gives you an overview of your payments, but in the long term our ecological partners will also give you an indication of the ecological footprint of your consumption. By doing this, NewB mainly wants to raise co-operative members’ ecological awareness when they consume.

Good for the Economy

Good Price

The NewB card belongs to the 50% tier of cheapest prepaid cards offered in Belgium. The NewB card is free provided you make 1 payment a month, if not you pay EUR 1 a month. The Start version costs EUR 1 a month, but the first 3 months are free. Enough time in other words to send us proof of identity and domicile and request the NewB card. Payments and loading your card are free by transfer or standing order. If you load your card via Maestro, you pay 2% costs, but your money is immediately available.

Good Use

NewB wants to actively advocate a society with less cash. Coins and notes are expensive and unsafe. This is why we reward active card holders (who use their prepaid card once a week on average over a year) if they do not withdraw cash from Belgian banks and ATMs.

Good for the Society

Good Gift

With every payment you support a charity you selected. Per payment with your NewB Card, 5 eurocent is donated, not by you but by the card issuer. The choice of your charity can be changed at any moment and once a year, on 30 November at 12 p.m., NewB lays down the charity you selected for the current year. If you have not chosen a charity, the money stays with NewB which is also a charity of course.

Good Language

NewB doesn’t exclude anyone. In the long term the NewB card will be available in the 10 most spoken languages in Belgium. In the start phase the prepaid card can only be requested in French, Dutch, German and English, but the idea is to add Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Polish and Portuguese over time.